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== References ==
== References ==
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Tommy Gluk
Tommy Gluk.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Tommy
Age: 10
Originally From: Bavaria

Thomas Gluk (Father)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Ginger
Eye color: Green
Height: 4'8
Character Information
First appearance: The Unexpected Guests
Voiced by: Michael Caloz


Tommy was just a baby born to an arquitected father, Thomas Gluk. His wife had passed away. his father raised him on his own. His biussnes was going very good. One day his father was visited by Count Arkas and his men and asked him to build a castle which he agreeed. He bulid the the castle and one day when he finish his work. But soon his father get's arrest for "letting" his son out into the forest. Even the town people are sreaching everywhere. Count Arkas had taken Tommy to an orphanage while his father was in prison for ten years. After 10 years in pain he was free, but he never return to Munic, instead he went to the Army.

Season One

Over the years Tommy now orphan makes friends with Sissi and Prince Franz and everbody else. During the series, He learns more things, but Count Arkas chaces after him and Sissi too. He always has been acompaned by a squrril named Pukki and he had a lot of adventures with Sissi.

A party is held in Possenhoven in the honor of the imperial guests, and someone is watching from the background waiting for the perfect time to get a snack. [1] Financial problems at Possenhoven. The harvest was very poor, so the family must spare. Tommy decides to leave. [2] Prince Franz convinces his mother to invite Sissi and her family to his engagement ball with Helena Von Grossberg. Sissi is very disappointed by that, and plans to stay home with Duke Max [3] It's not easy being a princess. Sissi has to learn the rules of protocol and the empress is giving her a hard time too. Tommy and Crunchy try to help Sissi and they cause a mess. [4]

Season Two

Tommy fools Councilor Zottornick by pretending to be a little girl, while Sissi secretly dresses as Helena to steal the map that is holding her father's location. [5] Sissi and Tommy escape on a train, while trying to hide from Prince Franz. Their new friend Emilla helps hide them. [6] Sissi, Tommy and Prince Franz tour Vienna with Count Arkas. Count Arkes regains his memory and Tommy tells Franz why Sissi has been avoiding him. [7] Count Arkas recaptures Duke Max. Everyone onboard becomes shipwrecked when the ship capsizes. Max saves Prince Franz, but Sissi and Tommy are lost at sea. [8]

Sissi and Tommy learn a secret from an inured solider. Tommy finds his real father. [9]

Sissi and her family all return to Possi. Tommy and his new-found-father, Thomas Gluk move in together into their new castle- Across from Possi. [10] Tommy plans a party in his new castle with his father. [11]




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