They’ve Stolen Tempest
Season One, Episode 23
Air date March 1998
Written by Natalie Altmann
Directed by Bruno Bianchi
Richard Paré
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A Well-Deserved Victory


After finding out that The Orphanage needs money Sissi decides to run in a horse race to win the needed money. She is first denied by Empress Sophia, however Prince Karl is injured so Sissi must represent The Palace. Count Arkas then steals Tempest in order to increase his odds. However, Sissi manages to find him.


Count Arkus: What a horrible dream! That Elizabeth. She's even ruining my dreams.
Officer: What a coincidence. I've just had an ruin her life!

Prince Franz: What are we going to do?..I'm the judge so I can't enter...
Princess Sissi: You know guys. Girls can ride too.


  • Sissi is allowed to become the 1st female to ever race- and win- in The official Equestrian race in Austria.
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