Sissi Gets Her Way
Season One, Episode 1
Get's Her Way
Air date November 27, 1997
Written by Natalie Altmann
Directed by Bruno Bianchi
Richard Paré
Episode Guide
The Unexpected Guests
"I thought for a minute there you had forgotten me."
Princess Sissi


Duke Max finally returns after his six month long secret mission. Sissi and the rest of the family does everything to prepare for his welcome home. Before he get back to Possi, Sissi realized the boys are gone. She follows them up a mountain where they are trying to pick a special flower for their papa.


Sissi: I thought for a minute there you had forgotten me.
Duke Max: I wanted to bring you a horse, but I couldn't find one good enough for you.


After climbing the mountain after her brothers, Sissi has torn her dress in many places. Later when she arrives home & feeds the birds, her dress is perfectly fine again.

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