Biographical Information
Name: Possi
Members: Duke Max

Duchess Ludovica

Location: Bavaria

Tommy Gluk
Thomas Gluk
Count Arkas

First appearance: An Imperial Surprise

Season OneEdit

Duke Max finally returns after his six month long secret mission. Sissi and the rest of the family does everything to prepare for his welcome home. Before he get back to Possi, Sissi realized the boys are gone. She follows them up a mountain where they are trying to pick a special flower for their papa. [1] Duke Max decides to build a new house for the homeless Brauner family, so Sissi rides to the village to ask for help. On the way she spots two boys. [2] Prince Franz and Prince Karl help building The Brauner house and manage to fit in very well in a small town. [3] A party is held in Possenhoven in the honor of the imperial guests. Sissi has fun with the princes and the children, The Empress and Helena Von Grossberg feel exhausted by the country life. [4]

Financial problems at Possenhoven. The harvest was very poor, so the family must spare. Tommy Gluk decides to leave. [5] Duke Max finds The Brauners and asks them to go back to Possi. But there's an accident in the mine where Hans Brauner works. Empress Sophie sends Franz there to help out. [6] Sissi & Franz have a fight and appear to break up. Sissi leaves very angry with Franz and goes back home. They both talk about the fight with their brother/mother and realize how foolish they are being. Franz goes off to find Sissi and they get back together again. [7]

Seaosn TwoEdit

Prince Franz announces he is going to marry Sissi to the world. [8] Councilor Zottornick convinced Empress Sophia into signing an arrest warrant for Duke Max. Sissi agrees to renounce her intention to marry Franz in order to save her father by older of the Empress [9] Count Arkas tricks Duchess Ludovica into leaving Possi to joint Duke Max in Paris.Prince Franz arrives just in time to save Sissi's friends. However, Sissi has already left Possi. [10] Sissi returns to Possi, only to find her family has left for Paris. Count Arkas carries out his plans to take ownership over Possi while Sissi does all she can to stop him. [11] After Prince Franz saves Possi. Sissi find herself in Paris. [12]

Sissi and her family all return to Possi. Tommy and his new-found-father, Thomas Gluk move in together into their new castle- Across from Possi. [13]

Historical NotessEdit

  • In 1834 Duke Maximilian purchased Possenhofen Castle (Possi) on Lake Starnberg; this was his major residence for the rest of his life.

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