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Ida Ferenczy
Biographical Information
IRL: History's Ida Ferenczy
Real Name: Ida Krisztina Veronika
Alias: Ida Ferenczy
Birth: April 7, 1839
Age: 16
Originally From: Hungary

Colonel Aundrassi

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Character Information
First appearance: The Zaniouchka Circus
Voiced by: Elisabeth Fargeot


Season One[]

The Zaniouchka Circus comes to Austria under orders of General Von Grossberg to give his daughter Helena Von Grossberg a private show. Sissi is not invited by Helena, but manages to get in anyways. At the circus Sissi meets Idda Fedancy. [1] Helene took the mirror that Idda gave to Sissi that had a note in to for her. Now that Prince Franz is back things start to go right so Sissi. Until everyone from the The Zaniouchka Circus is taken to prison. [2] Sissi with the help of her friends free Ida Ferenczy before she is turned over to the Empress Sophia as a spy for helping Colonel Aundrassi. [3]

Sissi hides the rebel Aundrassi in the orphanage. Helene trick the children into telling her where he is. Helene then bring the Empress so show off her find, only for her to discover Aundrassi & Idda have both escaped. [4]

Season Two[]

Murgaš proposes to Sissi only to be declined. Angry he convinced Ida Ferenczy that Sissi and Colonel Aundrassi are in love. Finally Idda & Colonel Aundrassi reunite and are engaged [5]



Historical Notes[]