Princess Sissi
History's Princess Sissi
Biographical Information
Real Name: Her Royal Highness Duchess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie
Title: Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Empress of Austria
Queen of Hungary
Queen of Bohemia and Croatia

Coronation: 8 June 1867
Born: 24 December 1837
Death: 10 September 1898
Age: 60
Religion: Roman Catholic
Height: 5'8
Originally From: Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria
Parents: Duke Maximilian (Father)

Princess Ludovikaa (Mother)

Siblings: Duke Ludwig Wilhelm (Brother)

Duke Wilhelm Kar (Brother)
Princess Helene (Sister)
Duke Karl Theodor (Brother)
Queen Marie Sophie (Sister)
Countess Mathilde (Sister)
Duke Maximilian (Brother)
Duchess Sophie (Sister)
Duke Maximilian (Brother)

Husband: Franz Joseph I of Austria
Children: Archduchess Sophie

Archduchess Gisela
Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria
Archduchess Marie-Valerie

COD: Assasination
Burial: Imperial Crypt
TV Character Information
First appearance: Sissi Gets Her Way
Portrays: Princess Sissi
Portrayed by: Terri Hawkes

Sissi who was most famously know as Empress Elisabeth of Austria became Queen of Austria when she 16 years old. She ruled for 44 years, until her death.




  • Sissi's real name was Princess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie
  • Princess Sissi Born on December 24, 1837.
  • Her older brother Wilhelm Karl, Duke in Bavaria was born on 24 December 1832, and she was born 5 years later on 24 December 1837.
  • Princess Sissi was one of ten children of Princess Ludovika and Duke Maximilian. Sissi was the fourth child. Her older sister, Princess Helene was first formally engaged to Emperor Franz of Austria.
  • Emperor Franz preferred Elisabeth to the more quiet Helene and defied his mother's orders, choosing Elisabeth as his bride. As upon laying eyes on Sisi, Franz Joseph feel madly in love with her and demanded to marry her over Helene. His mother, Archduchess Sophie, had reservations about Elisabeth, as she found her unsuited; they were often at odds, especially in the early years of marriage.
  • Ida Ferenczy was a lady-in-waiting and a confidante to the Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary.
  • Sissi, used to an informal style of life, disliked the strict etiquette of the Habsburg court, a dislike that reflected on her health. Her standing at the court improved with the Birth of a male heir, Rudolf, but her health continued to suffer.
  • She frequently visited Hungary and developed a deep bond for the country.
  • In 1867, with the help if his wife, Emperor Franz signed the Ausgleich, which officially turned Austria into Austria-Hungary. Both countries would have their own governments, with a shared head of state.
  • Count Gyula Andrassy was the first Prime Minister of Hungary, thanks to Sissi and Franz.
  • While Emperor Franz was passionately in love with Sisi, she never fully felt the same way and was emotionally distant from him. She ended up avoiding him and court life as much as she could.
  • According to a very common legend, Count Andrássy had a long lasting romance with Elisabeth.
  • Count Andrássy possibly fathered Elisabeth, only son, Archduke Rudolf.

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Family Tree

Duke Maximilian Joseph
Princess Ludovika
Duke Ludwig
Helena Von Grossberg
Maximilian Anton
Franz Joseph
Princess Sissi
Karl Theodor
Maria Sophie
Duchess Mathilde
Duchess Sophie
Duke Maximilian
Princess Louise
Princess Elisabeth
Maximilian Maria
Prince Albert
Archduchess Sophie
Archduchess Gisela
Archduke Rudolf
Archduchess Marie-Valerie

Family Tree

Archduke Franz Karl
Princess Sophie
Franz Joseph
Princess Sissi
Maximilian I of Mexico
Princess Maria Annunciata
Archduke Karl Ludwig
Maria Theresa
Archduchess Maria Anna
Archduke Ludwig Viktor
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Archduke Otto
Archduke Ferdinand Karl
Archduchess Margarete Sophie
Archduchess Maria Annunciata
Archduchess Elisabeth Amalie
Archduchess Sophie
Archduchess Gisela
Archduke Rudolf
Archduchess Marie-Valerie


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