Princess Sissi
Biographical Information
Real Name: Her Royal Highness Duchess Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie
Title: Empress Elisabeth of Austria

Empress of Austria
Queen of Hungary
Queen of Bohemia and Croatia

Coronation: 8 June 1867
Born: 24 December 1837
Death: 10 September 1898
Age: 60
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria
Husband: Franz Joseph I of Austria
Children: Archduchess Sophie

Archduchess Gisela
Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria
Archduchess Marie-Valerie

COD: Assasination
Burial: Imperial Crypt
TV Character Information
First appearance: Sissi Gets Her Way
Portrays: Princess Sissi
Portrayed by: Terri Hawkes

Sissi who was most famously know as Empress Elisabeth of Austria became Queen of Austria when she 16 years old. She ruled for 44 years, until her death.



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Later in life


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