Princess Ludovika of Bavaria
History's Duchess Ludovica
Biographical Information
Real Name: Princess Ludovika of Bavaria
Title: Princess Ludovika of Bavaria
Born: 30 August 1808
Death: 25 January 1892
Age: 83
Religion: Roman Catholic
Husband: Duke Max
Children: Duke Ludwig Wilhelm

Duke Wilhelm Kar in Bavaria
Princess Helene
Empress Elisabeth of Austria
Duke Karl Theodor in Bavaria
Queen Marie Sophie of Sicilies
Countess Mathilde Ludovika
Duke Maximilian in Bavaria
Duchess Sophie Charlotte
Duke Maximilian Emanuel

Burial: Family crypt in Tegernsee Abbey in Bavaria
TV Character Information
First appearance: Sissi Gets Her Way
Portrays: Duchess Ludovica

Princess Ludovika of Bavaria was the sixth child of King Maximilian I of Bavaria and his second wife, Queen Karoline, and the mother of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. She was born and died in Munich, Germany.


Princess Ludovika married Duke Max, whose father Duke Pius August was her cousin, on September 9, 1828, in Tegernsee. Ludovika was always frustrated that, unlike her elder sisters (who married kings and Austrian archdukes), she would not be marrying someone with a grand title, but rather a peculiar and childish Duke who had a fondness for circuses. However, Ludovika was determined to create dynastic marriages for her daughters. She and her husband had ten children, including Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Queen Maria Sofia of the Two Sicilies.


  • Princess Ludovika and her husband Duke Max had 10 children. 8 survived to adulthood.
  • Though Princess Ludovika and her husband Duke Max never had twins, they did have two sons's named Karl First was Wilhelm Karl, Duke in Bavaria who died in childhood, and 7 years later had Karl Theodor, Duke in Bavaria who lived to be 70 years old.
  • Her son Wilhelm Karl, Duke in Bavaria was born on 24 December 1832, and his younger sister Empress Elisabeth of Austria was also born 5 years later on 24 December 1837.

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Family TreeEdit

Family TreeEdit

Duke Maximilian Joseph
Princess Ludovika
Duke Ludwig
Helena Von Grossberg
Maximilian Anton
Franz Joseph
Princess Sissi
Karl Theodor
Maria Sophie
Duchess Mathilde
Duchess Sophie
Duke Maximilian
Princess Louise
Princess Elisabeth
Maximilian Maria
Prince Albert
Archduchess Sophie
Archduchess Gisela
Archduke Rudolf
Archduchess Marie-Valerie

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