Count Gyula Andrássy
History's Count Gyula Andrássy
Biographical Information
Real Name: Count Gyula Andrássy de Csíkszentkirály et Krasznahorka
Title: Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Hungary

Foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary

Born: 3 March 1823
Death: 18 February 1890
Age: 66
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Vlachovo, Slovakia
Wife: Countess Katinka Kendeffy
Signature: Gyula Andrássy's Signature
TV Character Information
First appearance: The Zaniouchka Circus
Portrays: Colonel Aundrassi

Gyula Andrássy was a Hungarian statesman, who served as Prime Minister of Hungary and subsequently as Foreign Minister of Austria-Hungary. Andrássy was a conservative; his foreign policies looked to expanding the Empire into Southeast Europe, preferably with British and German support, and without alienating Turkey. He saw Russia as the main adversary, because of its own expansionist policies toward Slavic and Orthodox areas.




  • Ida Ferenczy was acquainted with Colonel Aundrassi, though they never had a romantic relationship.
  • In 1867, Emperor Franz signed the Ausgleich, which officially turned Austria into Austria-Hungary. Both countries would have their own governments, with a shared head of state. Gyula Andrassy was the first Prime Minister of Hungary after 1867.
  • According to a very common legend, Count Andrássy had a long lasting romance with Queen Sissi.
  • Possibly fathered Queen Siss's only son, Archduke Rudolf.

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