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Biographical Information
Real Name: Fritz
Alias: Prince Franz
Age: 19
Originally From: Austria

Helena Von Grossberg


General Von Grossberg


Kingdom of Austria

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'2
Character Information
First appearance: Arkas Never Gives Up
Voiced by: Terrence Scammell

Season TwoEdit

Sissi falls ill off her horse. And no one is able to cure her. Councilor Zottornick finds a look alike; Dr. Frxer... And Dr. Frxer elixir saves the day. [1] Zottornick and Count Arkas train Dr. Fritz to be a Prince Franz while the real Prince Franz is kidnapped and impressed. The imposter fake-Prince falls in love with Helena Von Grossberg, and so tells Sissi that he no longer wants to marry her. [2] Zottornick assumes political control over the emperor. Helena prepares for her wedding, but Dr. Fritz has a change of heart. [3] Princess Sissi and Prince Franz are finally able to marry, and Dr. Fitz gets his happy ever-after with Helena on a farm. [4]



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