Duke Max
Duke Max
Biographical Information
IRL: History's Duke Max
Real Name: Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria
Alias: Maximilian Joseph
Birth: 4 December 1808
Age: 44
Originally From: Bavaria

Duchess Ludovica


Sissi (Daughter)
Tina (Daughter)
Kyle (Son)
Konrad (Son)
Beppa (Daughter)


Kingdom of Bavaria

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Height: 6'1
Character Information
First appearance: Sissi Gets Her Way
Voiced by: Daniel Beretta


Season OneEdit

Duke Max finally returns after his six month long secret mission. Sissi and the rest of the family does everything to prepare for his welcome home. Before he get back to Possi, Sissi realized the boys are gone. She follows them up a mountain where they are trying to pick a special flower for their papa. [1] Duke Max decides to build a new house for the homeless Brauner family, so Sissi rides to the village to ask for help. On the way she spots two boys. [2] Prince Franz and Prince Karl help building The Brauner house and manage to fit in very well in a small town. [3] A party is held in Possenhoven in the honor of the imperial guests. [4]

Sissi, the princes and Duke Max go hunting. Franz tries to confess his feelings to Sissi, but something or someone always interferes. [5] Financial problems at Possenhoven. The harvest was very poor, so the family must spare. Tommy Gluk decides to leave. [6] Count Arkas offers Duke Max a deal: he turns in Colonel Aundrassi, and the Duke wouldn't have to pay for Tempest. After he firmly refused, he goes to Vienna, Austria to warn Empress Sophia. [7]

Both Sissi & Franz tell their parents, who they choose to spend the rest of their lives with, but no one gets the news they expected. [8] Franz convinces his mother to invite Sissi and her family to his engagement ball with Helena. Sissi is very disappointed by that, and plans to stay home with Duke Max [9] Duke Max finds The Brauners and asks them to go back to Possi. But there's an accident in the mine where Hans Brauner works. Empress Sophie sends Franz there to help out. [10] The mine the elevator crashes. [11]

Season TwoEdit

Prince Franz announces he is going to marry Sissi to the world. [12] Councilor Zottornick convinced Empress Sophia into signing an arrest warrant for Duke Max. Sissi agrees to renounce her intention to marry Franz in order to save her father by older of the Empress [13] Zottornick exiles Duke Max. [14] Meanwhile, Little John escaped the ship he nd Duke Max were on and goes to find Prince Fronz. [15]

Count Arkas tricks Duchess Ludovica into leaving Possi to joint Duke Max in Paris. [16] Tommy fools Zottornick by pretending to be a little girl. Sissi secretly dresses as Helena to steal the map that is holding her father's location. [17]

Sissi finally find her father, Duke Max. [18] Count Arkas recaptures Duke Max. Everyone onboard becomes shipwrecked when the ship capsizes. Max saves Prince Franz, but Sissi and Tommy are lost at sea. [19]



Historical NotesEdit

  • Sisi was one of ten children of Ludovika and Max, however none of her siblings in the show matched her real siblings. Sisi was the fourth child and second daughter. She had five brothers and four sisters.

Family TreeEdit

Duke Max
Duchess Ludovica
Princess Sissi
Prince Franz

References Edit

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