Biographical Information
Real Name: Arkas
Age: 38
Originally From: Bavaria


Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'10
Character Information
First appearance: Sissi Gets Her Way
Voiced by: Mark Camacho

Season OneEdit

The Brauner trial is coming. Prince Karl witnesses Count Arkas' men threatening The Burgomaster. [1] Count Arkas offers Duke Max a deal: he turns in Colonel Aundrassi, and the Duke wouldn't have to pay for Tempest. After he firmly refused, he goes to Vienna, Austria to warn Empress Sophia. [2]

After finding out that The Orphanage needs money Sissi decides to run in a horse race to win the needed money. She is first denied by Empress Sophia, however Prince Karl is injured so Sissi must represent The Palace. Count Arkas then steals Tempest in order to increase his odds. However, Sissi manages to find him. [3] Sissi & Franz are met with revolutionaries at the gates of the palace. After defusing the situation and condemning Count Arkas, Prince Franz is allowed to announces his engagement to Sissi and all of Austria. [4]

Season TwoEdit

Princess Sissi makes new friends in Hungary and she exiles Count Arkas.[5]

Count Arkas tricks Duchess Ludovica into leaving Possi to joint Duke Max in Paris. Prince Franz arrives just in time to save Sissi's friends. However, Sissi has already left Possi. [6] Sissi returns to Possi, only to find her family has left for Paris. Count Arkas carries out his plans to take ownership over Possi while Sissi does all she can to stop him. [7] Sissi learns why her mother is so sick. Her Dr. has been blackmailed to keep the cure away from her. However, the children trick Count Arkas and they get their money back to help save their mother. [8] Sissi takes refuge in the Moulin Rouge in Paris, while pretending to play a mysterious horsewoman- only to have Count Arkas fall in love with her.[9]

Sissi and Tommy Gluk escape on a train, while trying to hide from Prince Franz. Prince Fronz reuses Sissi from Count Arkas and they are in each other's arms once again. [10] Sissi, Tommy and Prince Franz tour Vienna with Count Arkas. Count Arkes regains his memory. [11] Count Arkas recaptures Duke Max. Everyone onboard becomes shipwrecked when the ship capsizes. Max saves Prince Franz, but Sissi and Tommy are lost at sea. [12]

Prince Franz looks for Sissi, while Count Arkas tells everyone Sissi is dead.[13]

Sissi falls ill off her horse. And no one is able to cure her. Councilor Zottornick finds a look alike; Dr. Fritz... And Dr. Fritz elixir saves the day. [14] Zottornick and Count Arkas train Dr. Fritz to be a Prince Franz while the real Prince Franz is kidnapped and impressed. The imposter fake-Prince falls in love with Helena Von Grossberg, and so tells Sissi that he no longer wants to marry her. [15] Zottornick assumes political control over the emperor. Helena prepares for her wedding, but Dr. Fritz has a change of heart. [16] Princess Sissi and Prince Franz are finally able to marry, and Dr. Fitz gets his happy ever-after with Helena on a farm. [17]



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