Councillor Zottornick
Councillor Zottornick
Biographical Information
Real Name: Councillor Zottornick
Alias: Zu-zu
Age: 55
Originally From: Austria

Royal Family
Kingdom of Austria

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Grey
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'11
Character Information
First appearance: The Unexpected Guests
Voiced by: Rick Jones

Season OneEdit

Season TwoEdit

Councilor Zottornick convinced Empress Sophia into signing an arrest warrant for Duke Max. Sissi agrees to renounce her intention to marry Franz in order to save her father by older of the Empress. [1] Zottornick Empress Sophia that Sissi is a tardier.[2]

Tommy Gluk fools Zottornick by pretending to be a little girl, while Sissi secretly dresses as Helena to steal the map that is holding her father's location. [3] Prince Franz looks for Sissi, while Count Arkas tells everyone Sissi is dead. The news reaches The Palace, and Zottornick tells everyone that The Hungarians are responsible for her death. [4] The Empress lets Prince Franz be Emperor and marry Sissi. Zottornick is condemned to be Helena Von Grossberg's footman. [5] During an earthquake, Zottornick tried to kill Duke Max! Instead he appears to have died. [6]

Sissi and her family all return to Possi. Helena and Zottornick team up once again. [7] Sissi falls ill off her horse. And no one is able to cure her. Zottornick finds a look alike; Dr. Fritz... And Dr. Fritz elixir saves the day. [8] Zottornick and Count Arkas train Dr. Fritz to be a Prince Franz while the real Prince Franz is kidnapped and impressed. The imposter fake-Prince falls in love with Possi, and so tells Sissi that he no longer wants to marry her. [9] Zottornick assumes political control over the emperor. Helena prepares for her wedding, but Dr. Fritz has a change of heart. [10] Princess Sissi and Prince Franz are finally able to marry, and Dr. Fitz gets his happy ever-after with Helena on a farm. [11]



Historical NotesEdit

  • The inspiration for Councillor Zottornick is possibly the Austrian Chancellor Klemens von Metternich. There was a sour relationship between Metternich and Empress Sophie, however she employed him to oversee the education of her son, Prince Franz in state matters.

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